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Best storage

@ 01:36 PM (3 months, 16 days ago)
there have been throughout the history of technology alamcenamiento numerous media. Here I want to mention that to me were the best ever. A few weeks back, we reflected on some of the worst storage mediums of all time. From reel-to-reel to HD-DVD, those deplorable storage devices induced groans and eye-rolls across the board. As something of a palette cleanser, let’s take a moment to commemorate the best storage mediums we’ve ever seen. While Spanish cave paintings and Gutenberg’s printing press were massive jumps forward in terms of storing information, this article is focused strictly on the modern era. There are many more variants than I could possibly account for, so today we’ll only be focus on the five very best storage mediums. Okay, I’ll admit that this entry is a bit of a cop-out. I’m not really calling out one specific implementation, but I will take this opportunity to sing the praises of magnetic tape as an affordable way to back-up massive amounts of data. From the Uniservo in the 1950s to the 185TB tape announced earlier this year, magnetic tape has served as a reliable and affordable way of storing data for the vast majority of computing history.